What is your PA Workers’ Compensation Case Really Worth?

Settlements in workers’ compensation cases are fairly limited despite what you might hear. Why? Because, in a Pennsylvania  workers’ compensation case, you are generally only entitled to wage loss benefits based on  66 2/3% of your gross weekly pay, and the payment of your work related medical bills. You are… Read More

Employer-Provided Long Term Disability Benefits – Appealing a Denied Claim

Many employers provide long term disability insurance policies for their employees. LTD insurance policies take effect when an employee can no longer work due to any illness or injury, and they pay monthly benefits until the employee can return to work. The monthly amount is usually between 50-70% of the… Read More

Are You Suffering from an Occupational Disease?

An employer must pay damages for an occupational disease contracted by a worker during their employment. An occupational disease can be any sickness, illness or ailment brought about by work conditions and work-related activity. Occupational diseases can be caused by exposure to certain chemicals, gasses, fumes, metals, oils, radiation, and… Read More