Specific Loss In Pennsylvania: Limited Compensation, But Better Than Most States

The loss of a body part is a tragic and traumatic disruption to who you are as a person and your everyday life. I wish I could give my injured clients full use of their body and return them to their pre-injury condition, but as a lawyer all I can… Read More

Consultative Examinations (CE’s)

The majority of people that apply for Social Security Disability (“SSD”) or Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) benefits will be scheduled to attend medical examinations known as Consultative Examinations or “CE” exams during the processing of their claim. The CE exam will be scheduled by the State Bureau of Disability Determination… Read More

Traumatic Servicemember’s Group Life Insurance (TSGLI)

The Traumatic Servicemember’s Group Life Insurance (“TSGLI”) program provides payment to service members who sustain serious injuries while both on and off duty that directly result from a traumatic event they sustained during service that causes them to suffer a qualifying loss. The U.S. Veterans Administration established the TSGLI program… Read More

I don’t want to file for benefits because I don’t want to cause trouble at work.

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act was adopted in 1915. Before the “Act,” injured workers had no ability to seek income for lost wages or for medical benefits from their Employer’s after suffering a work injury. Because those workers had no chance to support themselves or their families before the Act… Read More

How Long Do I Have To Treat With The Company Doctor?

The law requires you to treat with the company or panel doctor as they are called ONLY for the first 90 days following your work injury. BUT, this requirement is only effective if your employer does both of the following things. After your work injury (not only at the time… Read More

Can My Employer Fire Or Terminate Me While I’m Out Of Work Because Of A Work Injury?

Yes. Unfortunately, your employer can fire you or lay you off even though you are out of work because of a work injury. REASON? Most employees are “at will“ employees which means that they were not hired under a specific employment contract. “At Will” employees can be fired for ANY… Read More