Dealing with Governmental Agencies

There is nothing more discouraging then dealing with governmental agencies, whether they are federal, state or local, when trying to obtain benefits to which a person is entitled.  You could be:  (1) An employee, injured on the job and needing Workers’ Compensation,; (2) a veteran who was injured during active… Read More

Take Control of your Claim for Veterans Benefits

  If you were to speak to any Veteran, most of them would have the same thing to say about the way the Department of Veterans Affairs has treated them in a negative manner. This unfair treatment is not news to anyone. The VA has had periodic related scandals in… Read More

The Importance of a Professional Working Environment

Last night I was watching a show about businesses that failed to be successful due to lack of business knowledge and most importantly, the poor behavior their employees demonstrated. Many employers often get desperate, and hire anyone just so that they keep their business running, without really realizing the importance… Read More

Commonwealth Court Finds Current Impairment Rating Evaluation Process Unconstitutional

An Impairment Rating Evaluation (IRE) is a process where the employer asks an injured worker to be “rated” to determine their percentage of whole-body impairment based on the AMA Guides (American Medical Association’s Guides to Permanent Impairment). In order to be rated, an injured worker must first be at “maximum… Read More