The Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

What is a simple way to feel better, have more energy and perhaps live a longer life? Exercise. The many health benefits of regular exercise are hard to ignore. Read on to discover the ways regular physical activity can improve your health and life. Exercise can help you control your… Read More

There is no “I” in Banks Law

In 2008, the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series. That would have never happened if not for a full team effort. Every team needs strong leadership. In American football that leader is called a Quarterback. The Quarterback is responsible for motivating and leading that team to victory. But, he cannot… Read More

Federal Insurance Contributions Act

I often hear my Social Security Disability (SSD) clients say “I never thought I would be one of those people that need money from the government” or “I’m not looking for a handout”.  When I hear this, I remind them that SSD is not a handout.  In fact, it is… Read More