What happens if I’m laid-off or terminated while on workers’ compensation benefits or, if I’m laid-off or terminated after going back to work following my work injury?

Being laid-off or terminated while on workers’ compensation benefits has no effect on your right to weekly wage loss benefits or, the amount of benefits that you’re entitled to. In fact, being laid-off or terminated puts your employer in a worse position than they would otherwise be in. It weakens… Read More

Why Teamwork Is Important In A Work Place

Effective teamwork in the workplace is important for many reasons but one of the most important reasons is to achieve success. When a team works together effectively, you’re guaranteed a successful outcome of high-quality standards. When working together as a team, you have different people offering artistic ideas and explanations… Read More

What is Vocational Rehabilitation and what is a Labor Market Survey (LMS)?

Many injured workers will be asked to participate in vocational rehabilitation by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. This is where the carrier hires a vocational rehabilitation company to find or, identify work that an injured worker can do despite their work restrictions. The goal of the carrier in doing vocational… Read More

Feeding your thoughts

Food…. I know what you’re thinking, 5’11 close to 265lbs of course he would be writing about food. Well yes that is true but I want to give you my vision on food and cooking in general. Besides needing food to survive, it’s also an escape for me. It is… Read More