Will the workers compensation insurance carrier pay for a de-tox program if I become addicted to the narcotic pain medication that I’m taking for my work injury?

The short answer is yes though this issue will most likely result in litigation. Section 306 (f) of the Pa WC Act holds the employer or their workers’ compensation carrier liable for the payment of ALL reasonable, necessary and casually related medical expenses incurred for the treatment of… Read More

Who is eligible for death benefits under the PA WC Act?

Generally speaking, a dependent of the deceased injured worker is entitled to death benefits under Section 307 of the Pa WC Act. Dependents usually include widows or widowers and children of the deceased worker. But, under some circumstances it can also include a mother, father or, even a… Read More

What you should do if your employer or the workers’ compensation insurance carrier starts sending you things in the mail?

The law gives your employer 21 days after receiving notice of your work injury to investigate the injury and decide whether to voluntarily accept it as a compensable injury and start paying you wage loss benefits. The employer is obligated to file either a Temporary Notice on Compensation… Read More