Why when I ask to speak with my attorney am I transferred to a team member instead?

Banks Law would like for our clients to understand that after you meet with your attorney, there is a whole team ready and waiting to assist you (and your attorney) with the handling of your file.  Your attorney will be in court 80% of the time or handling various appointments, depositions, meetings, etc. so that’s why Banks Law expands valuable time and resources into making sure that all of our staff members are fully trained to assist you.  Please have full confidence that your file is being monitored by at least 3 different staff members (including your attorney) at all times.  Each staff member is in charge of different aspects of your file. 

From our medical coordinators setting up your treatment to our pharmacy coordinator setting up your medications with WIRX pharmacy.  The second you leave our office we’re filing any necessary petitions and requesting your medical records pertaining to your work injury from your providers.  In addition to our hands on approach, we also have running checklists and reminders set via case management systems so that no aspect of your file goes unattended.  So that’s why you may get a call from different members of our staff.  Each one has their own assignments in your file.  We’re all here to help and we truly appreciate your confidence in our team and look forward continuing to serve you.