Banks Law Settles $2.5 million Workers’ Compensation Case

Banks Law is very pleased to announce that we recently negotiated one of the largest workers’ compensation settlements in Pennsylvania, if not the country. In a decision dated 9/13/2017, Judge Audrey Timm approved a $2.5 million dollar ($2,556,815.00 to be exact) C & R in the case of Vincent Burgese… Read More

Home Car Modifications

Did You Know…? In some cases injured workers’ are entitled to have modifications of their home or vehicle paid for by the workers’ compensation insurance company? Generally, Section 306(f) of the PA Workers’ Compensation Act, provides for payment of reasonable medical expenses that are related a person’s work injury. These… Read More

Pre-existing conditions and workers’ compensation

Just because you have a pre-existing condition does NOT mean your work injury should be denied. A core concept in the law is the “eggshell plaintiff rule.” It says that even someone whose bones break as easily as an eggshell can still fully recover for all injuries resulting from a… Read More

Must I pay out-of-pocket for my work-related prescriptions?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! As long as you’re receiving wage loss benefits, you’re also entitled to full medical coverage for your work injury. Your employer or, its workers’ compensation insurance carrier are legally obligated to pay for your work-related medical bills, including prescriptions; doctors’ visits; diagnostic studies such as x-rays, MRI’s, CAT… Read More

Why can’t I get any extra money for the poor way I have been treated by my job? My friend was injured in a car accident and got an award for “pain and suffering.” Can I get that in Workers’ Compensation?

The short answer is no. The Workers’ Compensation Act was designed to quickly help injured workers and enable them to obtain benefits while they recuperate after an injury. If you are unable to work in any capacity, your Employer is responsible for paying 2/3rds of your lost wages and for… Read More

What if I’m never able to return to work after my work injury?

You can theoretically receive workers’ compensation benefits under the Pa WC Act for life as long as you can prove that your work injury prevents you from working. Pennsylvania, for the most part, is a wage loss state for purposes of workers’ compensation benefits meaning if your injury is causing… Read More

Employer’s Subrogation Rights Expanded Again

The recently decided case Davis v. Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board (Pennsylvania Social Services Union), No. 216 C.D. 2015, once again solidified an Employer’s right to subrogation against a 3rd party insurance payout. The Commonwealth Court framed the question as “whether the employer and its carrier are entitled to subrogation against… Read More

The Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

What is a simple way to feel better, have more energy and perhaps live a longer life? Exercise. The many health benefits of regular exercise are hard to ignore. Read on to discover the ways regular physical activity can improve your health and life. Exercise can help you control your… Read More

Dealing with Governmental Agencies

There is nothing more discouraging then dealing with governmental agencies, whether they are federal, state or local, when trying to obtain benefits to which a person is entitled.  You could be:  (1) An employee, injured on the job and needing Workers’ Compensation,; (2) a veteran who was injured during active… Read More

The Importance of a Professional Working Environment

Last night I was watching a show about businesses that failed to be successful due to lack of business knowledge and most importantly, the poor behavior their employees demonstrated. Many employers often get desperate, and hire anyone just so that they keep their business running, without really realizing the importance… Read More