Changes are Coming to Social Security Disability

ssaThe Social Security Administration is considering several changes over the next few years to the way in which it evaluates claims and to how the system is administered.

A couple of proposed changes, in particular, will directly affect those applying for disability benefits.

In determining whether a disability applicant is able to work or not, the SSA consults a directory of descriptions of jobs generally available in the workforce. However, that directory has not been updated in decades. As a result, there are no job descriptions for many technological positions that didn’t exist 20 years ago.  Many of these technology positions tend to be less physical than other types of work and this could result in the Administration finding that a disability applicant is able to do one of these jobs and is, therefore, not eligible for benefits.

Another significant change is to the “grid” that Social Security Administrative Law Judges consult to determine whether someone is eligible for a virtually automatic award of benefits if they are at certain age and education levels and have one of several specific disabling conditions.

It is anticipated that it will become more difficult to qualify for benefits once the grid is updated to reflect that many workers today are able to remain active and productive in the workforce until a much later age than previous generations.

If you or a loved one is disabled and in need of Social Security Disability, we encourage you to apply before these changes take effect.  Now more than ever, you need to have the Banks Law disability team by your side during the ever-changing application process.  Let us help you get the benefits that you deserve 215.561.1000.