Dealing with Governmental Agencies

There is nothing more discouraging then dealing with governmental agencies, whether they are federal, state or local, when trying to obtain benefits to which a person is entitled.  You could be:  (1) An employee, injured on the job and needing Workers’ Compensation,; (2) a veteran who was injured during active duty military service requiring V A Benefits; or (3) a person who has a disability who must apply for Social Security Disability or SSI.  In any of the aforementioned situations, the process is most often extremely long and can be unnerving for those who have no income, and  no way to pay their bills or provide support for their families.  The answer to these issues is positive support and acquiring attorneys who have their client’s best interest at heart.

I am a veteran and know what it feels like to endure the process where a person is applying for benefits and it seems like the government is always giving the veteran and the aforementioned people the run around.  Banks Law is an “ELITE” law firm specializing in these areas and we are genuinely concerned about our client’s wellbeing.   Although a company must make money to survive, the bigger picture is assisting those who cannot help themselves and must be dependent upon others to ensure work on their behalf gets done.  When I read an email noting that a Banks Law client has won their case, it makes me feel great inside knowing that I was a part of that process.  Another one of our people are happy and satisfied!

Veterans are near and dear to my heart because we took a pledge to protect our country upon entering active duty and have put our lives on the line for the people of this nation; also other countries abroad.  Veterans endure a lot of pain and suffering, whether it be physically or mentally, in accepting this mission and it’s great to be part of a law firm which assists them in obtaining benefits to which they are entitled.  My goal is to ALWAYS do the best that I can for our clients because ultimately they come first and it is extremely rewarding to see situations that have happy endings!  Banks Law Employees are the Best!  WE ARE ELITE!