Feeding your thoughts

Food…. I know what you’re thinking, 5’11 close to 265lbs of course he would be writing about food. Well yes that is true but I want to give you my vision on food and cooking in general. Besides needing food to survive, it’s also an escape for me. It is a way to show my personality, creativity, imagination and a mental vacation from my daily routines. It isn’t rare for someone to randomly show up in my house and there is a pastry recently taken out of the oven or meat marinating for my next experiment. When I was younger I had a huge passion for art be it painting or drawing on an empty canvas waiting for my thoughts to be made visible. Years later that passion is still there except my canvas is no longer a white cloth stapled to four pieces of wood, it is now produce or poultry or anything I can find in your local supermarket. Let me fill you in on a little secret, I’m a very picky eater so there isn’t many things that I would just eat and smile about after. Going out to restaurants sometimes can be a waiter’s nightmare with all the changes I make to a plate to have a meal that I want. Instead of creating a hard time for a waiter, I just stay home and please my own pallet. My food is how I envision it should taste, I put as much flavor as I can without over doing it and passion and love go into each bite. What better way to show your spouse or family that you love them then to make them a delicious home cook meal that you put all your effort and time in just so they can be satisfied? So the next time you’re home and are hungry, don’t reach for a menu and order from your local pizzeria, walk into your kitchen, open you refrigerator and create beautiful edible scenery. Your bank account and stomach will thank you later.

Enjoy and Buen Provecho.

-Jaime Rodriguez