Returning to work after injury?

Returning to work after a work injury can be a little scary, but here are a few tips to make the process go a little smoother. When your physician releases you to return to work, please make sure you have a conversation with your doctor. You should discuss whether your physician is releasing you to full duty or modified duty. If your physician is releasing you to return to work modified duty, then be sure to discuss with your employer the specific restrictions outlined in your release

            Key questions are as follows:

            1.         How many hours can I work a day;

            2.         How long can I sit or stand;

            3.         How much can I lift;

            4.         How much can I push or pull;

            5.         Can I drive on my medication;

            6.         Will my medication effect my cognitive skills;  and

            7.         How frequently should I stand or move around?

            Make sure you discuss whether or not you feel you can perform the duties outlined by your physician.  Your goal is to have a successful return to work whether it be full duty or modified duty.

            If you are returning to work modified or light duty, please give your restrictions to your employer before you return to make sure they accommodate your restrictions. If your employer does make accommodations based on your restrictions, please make sure you adhere to your restrictions.  You do not want to reinjure yourself.  Again, your goal is to have a successful recovery.