Traumatic Servicemember’s Group Life Insurance (TSGLI)

The Traumatic Servicemember’s Group Life Insurance (“TSGLI”) program provides payment to service members who sustain serious injuries while both on and off duty that directly result from a traumatic event they sustained during service that causes them to suffer a qualifying loss. The U.S. Veterans Administration established the TSGLI program to provide financial assistance to service members and their families during the recovery period for serious injuries.

All service members are eligible for payment under the TSGLI program if, after, December 1, 2005, you were insured under the Servicemember’s Group Life Insurance (“SGLI”) and you: (1) experienced a traumatic event that (2) resulted in a traumatic injury which (3) is listed as a qualifying loss. TSGLI coverage is also provided retroactively for service members who suffered severe losses from traumatic injuries incurred between October 7, 2001, and November 30, 2005, and if the injury occurred during Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom regardless of whether you had SGLI coverage at the time of injury.

Qualifying losses do not include mental impairments such as PTSD. Some examples of qualifying losses include: loss of sight, loss of speech, loss of hearing, burns, coma, facial reconstruction, amputations and paralysis. A qualifying loss can also include the loss of the ability to independently perform at least two of the following activities of daily living for, at least 15 days for traumatic brain injuries and at least 30 consecutive days for any other traumatic injury. Activities of daily living include the ability to bathe, maintain continence, dress, eat, use the toilet and transfer into or out of a bed or a chair.

If you are a service member who has suffered serious physical injuries resulting from a traumatic event sustained during your military service and you have suffered from one of the above qualifying losses within two years of the injury, please contact us right away for a free case consultation.