The Secret to the VA

There is one mantra I like to say to each Veteran when I begin representing them:  “The biggest weapon you must have with the VA is patience” – and I mean it.  Some Veterans come to me after applying multiple times and they just cannot get what they deserve.  Some… Read More

Who are Decision Review Officer (DROs) and what do they do?

Anytime I file a Notice of Disagreement, I always request a hearing before a Decision Review Officer.  This is an optional hearing that takes place at the Philadelphia Regional Office with the Decision Review Officer (DRO) who is deciding your claim on appeal.  I request this hearing for a couple… Read More

What will your Social Security Disability payments be?

Have you ever wondered how much your Social Security Disability payment or Retirement payment would be if you were to become disabled or retire now?  If so, you now have the opportunity to view your Social Security Statement online.  Simply go to the Social Security website at and… Read More