Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits if I am Injured in a Different State?

The answer is maybe. Finding the answer can be complicated. Every set of facts are different, so it is important to speak with an experienced attorney who can analyze the specific facts of your case.

Generally, Under Section 305.2 of the Act, if certain facts are true, you can still be eligible for benefits through the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. If you are hired in Pennsylvania, you are more likely to get benefits through the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. Even if you weren’t hired for work in Pennsylvania, you could get Pennsylvania benefits if your work is “principally localized” in Pennsylvania. That means if you perform most of your work on behalf of your employer in Pennsylvania, and if your Employer has a business location in Pennsylvania, you could be hired in a different state, and even live in a different state, but be eligible for Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Even though you could potentially be eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits in multiple states, you are only entitled to benefits from one place. Sorry, you cannot collect benefits from many states at once. If you already received benefits from one state, the insurance company for the state where your benefits will be paid would receive a credit for benefits paid by any other jurisdiction.

All jurisdictions are not created equal. If you think you may be entitled to benefits under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, talk to an attorney.