Construction Injuries

The construction industry is booming in Philadelphia and there is increased focus on keeping workers safe while on the job.

“According to the Arlington, VA-based Associated Contractors of America,

71% of construction firms are expected to add to their headcount in 2016.”

Construction fatalities have been steadily increasing as the numbers of workers grow.

There is a new comprehensive action plan published by the AGC to help companies protect their workers The plan is titled-

“13 Proven Steps to Improve Construction Worker Safety”

For new employees:

1. Establish a buddy system for all new hires.

2. Hold safety orientation sessions for all new hires, including temporary workers.

Ongoing training:

3. Ensure managers and supervisors have the appropriate leadership and effective communication skills to instill safety culture and concepts into the workforce.

4. Institute two separate Pre-Task Hazard Analysis training programs.

5. Hold monthly “lunch and learn” safety training programs.

6. Require all foreman and superintendents to attend “Leadership in Safety Excellence” certification courses.

7. Hold targeted safety training to address all safety incidents.

8. Make sure all training and materials are available in languages that can be read by all members of your workforce.

9. Train your trainers.

Operating procedures:

10. Create worker task-specific “pocket safety guides” for every assigned task.

11. Establish craft-specific safety mentoring programs.

12. Issue easy-to-read badges to all workers indicating their level of training.

13. Authorize all workers to issue “stop work” cards to address safety risks.

Brian Turmail, a spokesperson for the AGC, adds, “What distinguishes one firm from another is their people. So you better make sure that you’re protecting your people because that’s the secret sauce for your success.”

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