Establishing Medical Treatment Records For Your Social Security Disability Case

If you are thinking about applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or you are waiting for a hearing before a Social Security judge, you should be receiving regular medical treatment for all of your disabling conditions. This means that you should be seeing your doctors on a weekly or monthly basis, following your doctor’s treatment recommendations and keeping the Social Security Administration (SSA) informed about your medical treatment. The SSA will not take your word regarding your medical conditions, but will instead rely on your medical records and statements from your doctors.

You can help develop your medical records by telling your doctors about your conditions, symptoms, pain, and limitations at every appointment, even if you think your doctors are fully aware of your conditions. You should also explain to your doctors how your conditions impair your daily activities and prevent you from being able to work. This will help ensure that your medical records reflect your disabling conditions and are consistent with your SSD application. You should also remember to keep your SSD attorney up to date on all of your medical providers, as your attorney will want to ensure that the SSA receives and reviews all of your medical treatment records.

If you don’t have health insurance you should consider visiting a health clinic where you can obtain a free or very inexpensive medical treatment. Many clinics will offer a free initial medical assessment and help you apply for Medical Assistance.

Follow the link below for a map of health clinics in the Philadelphia metro area that offer free or inexpensive medical treatment: