Fibromyalgia – It’s Not in Your Head

For years patients suffering with the chronic muscle pain, fatigue, and sleeplessness associated with Fibromyalgia were told it was all in their heads.  A recent article published in USA Today discusses the physiological cause for Fibromyalgia.  This is good news for sufferers as the more experts learn about the cause of the syndrome, the better they can diagnose and treat the condition.

Today, though, there is no specific test to diagnose Fibromyalgia.  This can make it difficult for those afflicted with Fibromyalgia to obtain Social Security Disability benefits.  Judges can be hesitant to approve cases for medical conditions that cannot be objectively identified through testing.

Our recommendation? Begin treating with a rheumatologist.  The American College of Rheumatology has published guidelines for physicians to use for diagnostic purposes.  Diagnosis and treatment by a rheumatologist can help make your case in front of an otherwise cynical Judge.

If you or someone you know is disabled due to Fibromyalgia, call our Social Security team to help you navigate through the red tape of the Social Security Administration, get you the right medical treatment, and get you the benefits that you have earned.

For more information on the recent Fibromyalgia research, read the article New research sheds light on mysterious fibromyalgia pain published in USA Today.