Safety Tips for Working in the Heat

We at Banks Law are wishing everyone a safe weekend with temperatures possibly reaching triple digits. If you do have to work this weekend, here are some tips on staying safe:
-Stay hydrated: above all else, it is important to continue to drink water and to not work on an empty stomach. Also avoid dehydrating liquids and caffeine.
-Wear sunscreen: not only will this prevent sunburn, but it also counteracts symptoms of heat illness. Carry a bottle of SPF-50 with you to your work site.
-Pace yourself: this isn’t a race and this weather is certainly not the conditions to push your body too much.
-Take multiple breaks: if you are working directly in the sun, take multiple breaks in the shade to cool off and drink more water.
-Keep in mind heat-related illnesses: these include hot body temperature, chills, lack of sweat and confusion. If this is the case, alert your boss and immediately seek medical help.

Stay cool during this oppressive heat wave. You can always contact our firm for any work-related accidents at 215-561-1000 or visit our website at www.bankslaw.comteam