…like 90% of Americans yesterday evening, I was glued to my television for Superbowl 51 and it did not disappoint. From kickoff, to the end of regulation, to the end of the first ever Superbowl overtime, this game provided everything you want in a final game of a season for any sport. For the eighth time this century, the newly crowned league MVP went into the biggest game of the season to defend their crown in front of the entire world. For the first three quarters of the game, it looked like the Atlanta Falcons were going to stomp a mud hole in the heart of the New England Patriots.

With the lead for four quarters of the game, the #1 scoring offense would not be denied their ranking and their abilities. Unfortunately for the Falcons, Tom Brady, the quarterback on the opposing sideline is a four time Superbowl champion and possibly one of the greatest to have ever played the position. The Patriots slowly and methodically came back and started to chop down the margin of points. A game that was at one point 28-3 in favor of the Falcons, slowly became one of the greatest comebacks not only in NFL history but Superbowl history. The clock hit 0:00 on the fourth quarter which signaled the end of regulation, the scoreboard read 28-28 and we’re headed to overtime for the first time in Superbowl history. As if the pressure wasn’t on for the Atlanta Falcons to take down the dominant Patriots and giving up a 25 point lead, the Patriots were trying to complete the ultimate comeback.

The Patriots received the ball first in overtime and the rest was history. 34-28 the New England Patriots are your 2016 World Champions and Tom Brady became the only quarterback in NFL History to win five Superbowls. After serving a four game suspension for the famous “deflate-gate” situation, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots played this season with a chip on their shoulder. This game had it all for any football fan. Excitement, suspenseful, thrilling, nail-biting, un-believable is some of the words I would use to describe this game. As great as it was to witness history, the Cleveland Browns are now on the clock and the new season has begun. Will the Falcons be able to return to the promise land? Can the Patriots successfully defend their title or will a new contender step up to the plate and dethrone the reigning champions? Many questions will go unanswered until September when the on field activities officially begin.

Until next time, thank you.