Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits if I am Injured in a Different State?

The answer is maybe. Finding the answer can be complicated. Every set of facts are different, so it is important to speak with an experienced attorney who can analyze the specific facts of your case. Generally, Under Section 305.2 of the Act, if certain facts… Read More

What to Expect When Injured on the Job?

If you are injured at work it is important that you know what to expect.  It can be an overwhelming experience, especially if it is the first time you have ever had a work injury.  First and foremost, report your injury to your supervisor or Human Resources Department immediately.  Your… Read More

TSGLI (Traumatic Injury Protection):

More often than not, at least in my experience, I find that our veterans are not aware of the many benefits available to them.  Upon enlisting in any branch of the United States Military, soldiers are given the option to elect life insurance known as Service members’ Group Life Insurance… Read More


…like 90% of Americans yesterday evening, I was glued to my television for Superbowl 51 and it did not disappoint. From kickoff, to the end of regulation, to the end of the first ever Superbowl overtime, this game provided everything you want in a final game of a… Read More

Cost-of-living adjustment (Social Security Disability)

On Tuesday October 18, 2016, Social Security announced a 0.3 percent benefit increase for 2017.  The increase is due to the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) and will begin for Social Security beneficiaries in January 2017.  Additionally, Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries will receive the 0.3 percent increase as well beginning on December… Read More